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The KinnanFAB Way

Welcome! KinnanFAB is an agricultural-based fabrication business.  We offer a variety of stalk rollers, with a handful of other designs and products in the works. One reason our products stand above the rest is because they are designed "by a farmer, for a farmer." We know the value of a hard earned dollar, so when we send products from our farm to yours, you can be assured they are quality products.


Our Products


Planter Stalk Rollers

Our planter stalk rollers are designed for a JD 1720 stack fold planter.  The unit attaches to the toolbar.  The rollers are free floating when in use with the option of being pinned in the up position when not in use. 

This design does not work on a pull-type JD planter.

Tractor Stalk Roller

Our tractor stalk rollers are designed for JD 8000 Series and 8R tractors.  This unit bolts on between the frame and the weight bracket allowing you to take 8 bolts out at the end of the season to dismount the roller without taking weights off.  The independent rollers are free floating for the ability to take on rough terrain.  Unit is built of mainly 1/2 inch plate and heavier. It weighs approximately 1,500 lbs. 

Strip Tiller Stalk Rollers 

Our strip tiller stalk rollers are designed for most brands of strip tillers.  The unit attaches to the tool bar.  The roller is spring loaded with down pressure. 


Easy to Install

Never Remove your Weights Again




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