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What Are KinnanFAB Stalk Rolls?

A great tool for farming solutions is the KinnanFAB stalk rolls that address the customer’s need for residue preferences. Our products have 3 available options: the Planter Stalk Rollers, the tractor stalk roller and the strip-tiller stalk rollers allowing the customers to choose the right length of corn stalker residue for their operation.

What Are the Benefits of Our Products

  • Boost the wear life of stalk rolls by 30% compared to 600 base stalk rolls that use new wear coating.

  • Ensure a quality wear life of row-unit collecting chains and sprockets.

  • Built to decrease power and fuel consumption during the operation.

  • Cultured residue better.

  • Meet customers’ specific needs.

More Details

  • Manufactured from high-quality iron material with an added wear coating for improving wear and tear.

  • The blades are built for the right sizing and cutting operation from front to back.

  • Provides excellent service when replacement is necessary.

We’ve heard some good feedback from customers that tried the KinnanFAB stalk rolls for the first time. This might be the time for you to upgrade and start managing stalk residue better. Make sure to talk to us with any questions you may have.

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