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The Basics of Corn Farming

Did you know that corn is the number one commodity grown by U.S. farmers? And for good reason! The price of corn has been increasingly rising and technological advances continue to encourage new ways to use the popular grain. In fact, more than 90 million acres of U.S. land are dedicated to corn, with much of that land situated in the central part of the country.

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced producer who could use a brush-up on the basics, here are a few farming tips to consider.

Know the land.

The first step is understanding the soil you will plant on. Corn can be planted directly into no tilled residue if the field is well drained with at least a 5% slope. On the other hand, flat areas with prairie potholes that can pond excessively in heavy rains simply may not be suitable for corn production.

Choose your seed.

Now that you know where to plant, it’s time to figure out what to plant. While there are many varieties of corn, there are two general categories: sweet corn and field corn. The first is often eaten as a vegetable, and the latter is meant for feed and other products.

Determine the right time.

After the where and what comes the when. The when depends on your area and the weather conditions that location experiences. Corn does best in warmer temperatures. Wait to plant the seeds until the soil is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. You also need to consider how wet the weather is. If conditions are too wet, the seeds can rot or simply not germinate. Too-wet conditions can also make soil compaction more likely, which can suffocate the plant’s roots.

Use the proper equipment.

It pays to be well-equipped! Use the right planter that fits the size of your operation and your landscape.

If you know these basics, you’re good to go! If you’re looking where to get the righ equipment, you can check out our products at KinnanFAB. We offer a variety of stalk rollers, with a handful of other designs and products in the works! By a farmer, for a farmer!

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