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Tire Damage Can Be Minimized With Stalk Stompers

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Most farmers are aware of the potential tire damage from upright cornstalks.

These days, corn hybrids and soybean varieties are designed to resist wind damage, disease, and insects. Despite reducing crop losses that can run into millions of dollars, this plant technology has led to some unexpected consequences.

There is a rise in sidewall cuts and punctures on agricultural tires as a result of the stronger stalks and stubble. Because of the stronger stalks and stubble, large tractor tires are also being chipped. Damage to tires can sometimes be so severe that the farmer will have to replace them.

At Kinnanfab Tractor Stalk Roller is a field-proven stalk roller designed to protect tracks and tires during harvest and speed up stalk residue breakdown.

On top of saving tracks and tires from stalk damage, the Kinnanfab Tractor Stalk Roller is a residue management tool that improves field conditions for the next planting season.

Growers with conventional corn heads who harvest with the Kinnanfab Tractor Stalk Roller get the benefits of faster residue breakdown without switching to more expensive, higher-horsepower chopping corn heads. And stalk breakdown saves you from making vertical tillage and stalk-chopping passes, increasing your profitability and ROI.

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